I’m waiting for a baby to come. I’m waiting for the phone to ring. The anticipation is delightful, and I’m preparing to jump on a Southwest Airlines flight to see this little one as soon as she’s born. My prayers have been with her ever since we learned that she was conceived. I remember where my husband and I were when our son let us know. There was quite the celebration as the champagne they sent to our table was popped.

Everyone! We are going to be grandparents again!! Celebrate with us!”

We asked for extra glasses, and the waiter poured some for everyone nearby. 
We could not contain our excitement at this joyful news.

I’m waiting for a baby to come. She will change the lives of her parents and for sure her big brother. She will change our lives too as our hearts grow even bigger as we welcome her into our family.

And in the midst of all of this, Advent is here. That requires a tree- we waited last year, and all the good ones were gone. We need to be jolly neighbors and put up some garland and twinkle lights. Thank God for Amazon, because that’s how shopping is happening again this year. And The Card. The photos are done, except this little one, but it’s time to address, stamp, seal and get them mailed. The stress is mounting. But then I remember. . . It’s Advent.

I’m waiting for The Baby to come. Am I preparing for this coming of Emmanuel with the same fervor? Do I want to share this good news of great joy with everyone nearby and invite them to celebrate with me? This good news of the coming of the Savior will change so much more than my family and friends. This Baby will change the world forever.

I’m waiting for The Baby to come. For now, I’ll keep it simple. I go to the garage and bring in the box with the stable, manger and the figures of our creche. As I unwrap and place each one my focus shifts.

Everyone! We’re ready for The Baby to come! Come celebrate with us! Bring your friends!