You can change one child’s life through KIDS HOPE USA! Hubie Fix, a KIDS HOPE mentor at Sutton Elementary School shares his story.

“Long story short, you get a friend in KIDS HOPE. My journey with Henry started in the fall of 2015. We hit it off right away because of our mutual interest in sports, video games and learning. Each week we read, practice math flash cards, play board games and soccer or football.

In our initial sessions it took some time for us to come out of our shells. We would read one or two books each visit and take a quiz to check comprehension. During quizzes he would often hover over the right answer with the mouse, then look at me to see if it was correct. I would sometimes give hints, and by the end of the year he stopped turning around to check and started clicking right answers on his own.

The main challenges for me include getting there during a lunch break and speaking Spanish. Henry is tested in both English and Spanish so we have to work on both languages. He is actually teaching me Spanish so that’s an added bonus.

I feel privileged to be an advocate for Henry and a part of his growth over the past two years. I also often see the joy in other mentors and students during my visits. KIDS HOPE has had a positive impact on my life and I look forward to my weekly lunch breaks to read books and play soccer with Henry. It’s an anchor of friendship that I highly recommend to anyone considering mentoring a child.”

If you would like more information about KIDS HOPE USA, or to sign up for a one-time, three hour mentor training, contact Marci Pampe 713-357-4466, [email protected] or Karen McCarver 713-402-5152, [email protected] Training sessions are scheduled for August 24, 29, September 5 and 7.