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One of the best aspects of my role in Connecting Ministries is getting to know the people who join St. Luke’s and hearing their stories. I love to learn about their hopes for membership and what has led them here. Below are some of the things our newest members have shared over the past few months:

“We wanted to find a church family.  We recently had our first child, and I’d like her to have a solid foundation, as I did growing up.”

“I want to raise my son in a community of faith and give him even more opportunities than I had.”

“We hope to find a family of brothers and sisters in Christ to learn from and grow with.”

“We were first drawn to St. Luke’s by the children’s programming and have fallen in love with the community and messaging. I’m excited to be a part of the church!”

“I wanted to become a member to show God my commitment. I go to worship every Sunday, but I would like to become involved in other areas where I can build connections within the community and be of service to the church.”

“We love how welcoming the church is.”

“I need to put God first in my life again, and that prompted me to make the commitment to join.”

For years, there have been reports that organized religion is on the decline. However, I am encouraged that the St. Luke’s family continues to grow! I am inspired by the hopes and dreams of our new brothers and sisters and reminded that God is still at work – and He is using St. Luke’s to equip each of us to live and love like Jesus.

The photograph above is from our most recent Joining Service which followed Coffee with the Pastor earlier this month. It was posted on social media, and our congregation has “liked” and “shared” it and responded with wonderful comments like, “WELCOME!!! You are in the right place!” This church is alive and well.