How delightful that I was asked to share this week, as I am celebrating twenty entirely amazing years as Director of St. Luke’s Day School! My days are filled with loveable, inspiring young children and the adults who adore them. On any given day I am able to witness purely authentic moments of children’s wonder, imagination, and creative thinking as we play and learn together!

Over the years, my favorite title has become Chapel Helper. Every week during the school year, I have a role in leading energetic worship services for two to five year old children! We sing songs, learn a Bible verse in sign language, discover what’s in Mrs. Ellerbrock’s story bag, and celebrate birthdays. Chapel always starts with “Jesus Loves Me” and ends with “This is the Day!” Before we dismiss, we cover the children with a prayer of thanksgiving and happiness, and their voices ring out a big “Amen!” Day School Chapel time is pure joy, pure love, and I admit, pure refreshment for my soul!

Some might think I have a cute little job filled with endless happy days. Truth is, at times this work is hard, and frustrations threaten to spoil the day. When I feel swamped, focusing on what is “pure” is exceedingly important. The pure love of parents  for their young children, the pure dedication of educators striving to make a difference for each child, and the pure instructions Jesus gave us about respecting children and possessing a child-like faith. I focus on these things and visualize our little ones’ inquisitive eyes, eager smiles, and generosity of trust and love for us. With all these pure things in mind, I praise God for St. Luke’s Day School and my excellent twenty year journey! Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve in this beautiful Christ-centered place!