The Belonging is a worship community. We gather every Sunday at 11 a.m. at the Gethsemane Campus of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. The Belonging is a growing community. We don’t mean numbers or money or buildings. We mean growing in relationship with God and with one another, all with the love of Jesus. We meet in small groups for prayer, Bible study, food, fun, and life.

The Belonging is a family community. We believe there is little difference between church and family, and that goes for every age. We put a lot of effort and prayer into our children’s and youth ministries. We try to make sure visitors and community members of every age feel at home.

The Belonging is an inclusive community. We believe every human being is created beautiful in the image of God, and therefore we believe in radical hospitality for every person we can reach, no matter your nationality, sexuality, language, color, or creed. Those are all just labels anyway, and the new community of Jesus transcends labels. Not only are you welcome here, you are celebrated here.

The Belonging is an serving community. We believe church is only church when it gives away the love it has received. We are always looking for new and effective ways to serve our community and transform the greater southwest Houston neighborhood. We believe God has called us to be an epicenter of resurrection, where the good news of Jesus starts with us and echoes out in shockwaves, building up the Kingdom around us and revitalizing the neighborhood. We believe in taking hope to the street.

If you visit on a Sunday morning, please enter the building through our retro blue doors facing Bellaire Blvd. You’ll enter our sanctuary. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the phrase, “Enter to Worship. Depart to Serve,” inscribed above the doors.

Worship goes like this:

We start with a few praise songs led by a live band. We sing because of the joy and hope we have in Jesus.

Then we enter into a time of prayer, where you will be invited to write prayers, light a candle, pray with those sitting next to you, or simply sit in silence.

You’ll hear some wisdom from Scripture.

Then our children are invited to come forward for a brief message just for them.

You’ll hear a sermon between 20-25 minutes long. We believe preaching is simply Jesus speaking through the preacher to the people, nothing more, nothing less. Then we close in more music and depart to serve.

The Belonging is family inspired by the love of Christ to invite all, include all, and serve all. And by all, we mean all. Won’t you join us?

The pastor of The Belonging is David Horton. David lives with his three favorite ladies: his wife Brandi (also a pastor), his daughter Caroline and his cat Lucy. He loves coffee, naps, Jesus, Houston, boots, blue jeans, Netflix, and reading. He is originally from North Carolina, where he attended college and seminary, but then got to Houston as quickly as he could. His passion in life? Leading a community of Jesus in radical hospitality and courageous compassion so all may know God’s love.