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Gethsemane CampusThe Gethsemane Campus of St. Luke’s UMC is located at the heart of the most multi-cultural area within Houston - the world is literally at our doorstep. We are committed to serving our community and to being a place where no one walks alone. We believe strongly that the gospel - the good news of Christ is both spoken and demonstrated in the way we live - the way we serve.

We are a church that seeks to reflect our community and the Kingdom of God in all of its colorful and rich diversity. We are a community of young and old. A community of seekers. A community of those who know a lot about Christianity and those who know little... everyone is welcome at the Gethsemane Campus!


We invite you to visit us at:

Gethsemane CampusSt. Luke's UMC - Gethsemane Campus
6856 Bellaire Blvd. (Google Maps)
Houston, TX 77074
Phone: 713-774-7693
Fax: 713-774-7319

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