1701, 2020

The Joy of Running, by Rob Dulaney

Nine years ago Dr. Pace mentioning in a sermon that two long-time St. Luke’s members, Bob Eury and Jack Browder, had run over 30 consecutive Houston marathons. (Jack holds the record for the most consecutive marathons run under 4 hours). At the time I remember thinking that running [...]

1701, 2020

Missing the moments

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gift-giving God, You pour into my life so many blessings that I just miss. You design for me moments that are beautiful and holy, but I fail to experience them in their fullness. Sometimes, I remain too concerned with what seem to be "matters of [...]

1301, 2020

Thank You for My Church, by Cindy Pierce

This note was given to the Pierces on the 50th anniversary of St. Luke's founding by their grandson Allen Pierce, age 6. In 1945, my mother and father-in-law, Betty R. Pierce (96) and the late George F. Pierce, Jr. were a young married couple in their twenties [...]

1001, 2020

Rejoice Always!

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of Love, It seems that in my spirit, there are two songs playing, both demanding my attention, both wanting me to sing along. One song is full of discord, anxiety, worry. It is a song with many voices, the voices of expectations at work, [...]

701, 2020

Memories of St. Luke’s – Jeff Hoover

Although my memory isn’t especially clear on this, this clipping from an early 1954 Houston Chronicle article shows that my sister, my cousin, and I (among others age 6) “took attendance honors” for the Carol Choir of St. Luke’s. Eighteen months later, my family moved away from Houston. [...]

201, 2020

The Impact St. Luke’s Has Had On My Life – Joanne Mueller

You can’t imagine the impact St. Luke’s has had on my life. Sixty-six years ago, when Carl and I came to St. Luke’s with our infant son in 1954, I was 23 years old, and St. Luke’s was a neighborhood church.  Friends of ours were members and invited [...]