In February 2015, I decided it was time to find a church for my family. I grew up in Houston and spent my childhood very involved in my neighborhood Methodist church. I participated in about everything it had to offer from Sunday School to choir and being an acolyte. My parents instilled in me and my siblings a solid
foundation to start our journey with Jesus.

In college and most of my young adult life, I remained spiritual but sporadically attended church. I was building a career, moving to different cities and just got busy. That all changed when I became a mom. By the time my oldest son,
Sebastian, started elementary school I decided it was time to find a church and a Sunday School program my kids could grow up attending.

My plan was to attend two to three local churches, go to a service and have my kids attend Sunday School and then decide which church we felt the most
connected to. So on that Sunday in February 2015, we came to St. Luke’s and attended a service. Much to our luck there was a kids gathering immediately after where we played games and met Christy Dulaney and the other Children’s
Ministry leadership. We felt an immediate connection with everyone we met. It was as if we had been part of St. Luke’s for years and already knew everyone. From the staff, to parents and the kids—it all felt right.

From there we continued to come back, and when we did everyone called us by our names! I felt so welcomed. By summer, I was asked to volunteer to teach a Sunday School class. I was hooked! I’m now in my third year of teaching my daughter Skylar’s class and have found such joy watching the kids grow. Being part of St. Luke’s has been very meaningful to me. Life is busy. I work full time, have kid activities each weekend, but when I come to St. Luke’s and when it’s my Sunday to teach, it’s always a gift. I’m not anything but a teacher to beautiful children during that hour. I look forward to watching my three children grow up at St. Luke’s and follow their spiritual path.

And no, I never did visit another church after that Sunday in February 2015. I didn’t have to.