God of possibilities,

Sometimes, because I am afraid I cannot do enough, I choose instead to do nothing. Because I count on my own power, my own strength, my own wisdom, my own know-how, I wither in the face of the challenges of the world, and hunker down to stay in my comfortable world.  But you remind me that it is your power, your strength, your wisdom, your know-how that are available to use for your purposes, and that it is you who is at work in me and through me.  I sell you short, God.  You can do anything.

Instead of looking at the size of the challenges in my life, and the challenges our world faces, I will choose to look at the size of the God who is at work in me and the world.  Turn me away from fear and apathy toward trust in you, that I might be an instrument of your kingdom’s expansion in this small piece of the world.



Security Update  Many of you are aware that in our 9:45 service last Sunday, a man stood up with a Bible and began shouting, causing a disturbance in the service.  A police officer and ushers escorted the man out as he came down the center aisle, and it was frightening for many people. Thankfully, our children’s ministry staff locked down the children’s wing, and the children never knew anything had happened.  While this man turned out to not be dangerous, it was unsettling, and a reminder that we must be vigilant in our security processes.  We have learned from the event and are working with our security committee to make a number of upgrades.

  • We have added additional police officers and a new supervising officer to manage our security officers, and he will be with us this Sunday.
  • We are securing radios for those officers who do not have one.
  • We are reviewing and updating all of our protocols for security and communication with our staff and volunteers.
  • Finally, we had already scheduled a second Active Shooter Response Training for this Sunday afternoon at 4:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  It features Stephen Daniel of the Houston Police Department. Last year 600 people attended this training, to empower our members to react effectively in such an event.  It will also be available on video after the training.

This Sunday is Impact Sunday at St. Luke’s.  In addition to the sermon on the Scripture, come hear inspiring testimonies about the impact God is making on people’s lives through the ministry of St. Luke’s church.

Scripture+Shared begins this Sunday September 29. Download the app here. This Fall, we are studying “Storytime: the parables of Jesus.” Read the daily readings on the app, watch the weekly video, and then talk about the discussion questions with a “Bible Buddy” or in your small group.

Did you miss last week’s sermon on September 22? Watch it here.  It is about the alternative to factions and division: (hint – it is about 1 Corinthians 13).

I have been listening over and over this week to the Prayer of St. Francis, sung by Sarah Mclachlan.  Listen yourself here.


Sunday, September 22

Almighty God, we confess that evangelism is a subject that we oftentimes avoid, but Jesus calls us to go and make disciples of all nations. Grow us as disciples of Jesus so that we can answer your call to share the Gospel with others. Help us to find ways that we can effectively tell our stories and share your Good News. Amen.

Monday, September 23
Heavenly Father, as we come together to lift up your Holy name, we just thank you Lord! Thank you for Your sovereignty, Your grace, Your mercy, and on this day, we just want to thank you for the peace… Peace of sound minds, God, peace in the assurance that in all things, it is You that strengthens us and that is in control. May all who seek You, know Your love and faithfulness is eternal! In your Son’s precious and Holy name, Amen!

Tuesday, September 24
Loving God, we pray for those who struggle with mental illness. We ask that you would care for them and provide opportunities for them to get help. Please work through us to show them your unconditional love. Amen.

Wednesday, September 25
Lord, we pray for those who have recently lost a loved one. Please heal their broken hearts and give them peace and comfort. Give them strength and hope to carry on. In the name of Jesus’, we pray. Amen.

Thursday, September 26
Almighty God, we thank you for the staff, clergy, and volunteers who faithfully serve each week at St. Luke’s to guide us in worship. Thank you for such a beautiful place, beautiful music, and beautiful words that bring us closer to you in worship. Thank you for the gift of worship at St. Luke’s. Amen.

Friday, September 27
Gracious God, we thank you for giving each of us special gifts and talents that are unique to us. Thank you for the opportunities to use these gifts and talents to make a positive difference in our world. Thank you for creating us in your image. Amen.

Saturday, September 28
Heavenly Father, we pray for those who are victims of abuse and neglect. We pray that you would provide a safe place for them and heal their injuries. Please surround them with people who will love and help them. Give them hope and strength to move forward. Amen.