Inside-Out with Dr. Tom Pace2019-04-05T10:09:40-05:00
609, 2019

I hear there are divisions among you

A PERSONAL PRAYER God of love, When I read the papers, watch the news, read and hear the comments, it seems that the animosity towards others is overwhelming. It appears folks have all chosen a team, and have little good to say about anyone on another team. I [...]

3008, 2019

Don’t be a slacker

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, on this day, I am asking for a fresh start. It is a new school year, a new beginning with projects and goals for my life and my work. Are they what you want for me? Have I correctly discerned your preferred future for my [...]

2308, 2019

Needing to be needed

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gracious God, I still remember the day I heard you call my name, asking me to follow you, telling me you had work for me to do. It seems I am always trying to figure out exactly what work I am supposed to be doing, [...]

1608, 2019

A family where I belong

A PERSONAL PRAYER Ah, look at all the lonely people. Where do they all come from? Ah, look at all the lonely people. Where do they all belong?  God, I think that is what you are saying so much of the time. Sometimes, even I, who have a [...]

208, 2019

Taught by the pack

A PERSONAL PRAYER Gift giving, generous God, Today, I choose gratitude. Yes, in my mind other things pop up. I complain. I judge others. I get anxious about the future, or even about the present. But today I choose not to let them linger, but instead to douse them with [...]

2607, 2019

The broken pieces of life

A PERSONAL PRAYER God, sometimes life is marvelous and wonderful, and gratitude comes easy. But sometimes, life is difficult. Bad things happen. I've seen it in the lives of other people I care about. People they love die too young. They get cheated or swindled or robbed. The [...]