Excited as I ever was, I opened the door for my friend who was attending a retreat. We were ecstatic to see each other and ready for a weekend of worship and fun. What could be better than a weekend filled with donuts for breakfast, hours of ping pong and worship sessions? Since my house was the venue for the retreat, my family and I had to do a lot of work to prepare. It was worth it.

Once the boys arrived at my house, we headed over to the church for worship. We entered the worship space. The guest pastor seemed like an awesome person. He had a lot to offer. We played a couple of games to kick off the night and then started worship. We sang the first songs with the band. When the pastor came onto the stage he had some awesome thoughts to share with us. They were all related to my life. When he was done, we said a prayer. I didn’t say this prayer just to say it. I felt a deep connection with God. After we prayed, the band came onto the stage and sang. This time, I paid attention to the lyrics.
I felt like I never had before. Relief from everything is the best way to describe it. I knew God was working within me.

We drove home and had small group time where we discussed what the pastor talked about and anything else we wanted to share with the group. During that time, others shared what they felt. A lot of people had the same experience as me. Tyler was thrilled to hear we had deepened our connection with God. With that connection to God, I can make it through anything.