From the time I was born, I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by people that have shared the love of Jesus with me. I grew up in a Christian household and was very involved in my home church in Louisiana — active in the mission and outreach group, participated in children’s and youth ministry, and was formed by leaders who took the time to disciple me and encourage my faith.

When I went away to college, one of the things that grounded me was campus ministry. During my time at SMU, I led and organized Bible studies across campus. I felt the Holy Spirit using me to bring people into community, and this was the first time I had an inkling that I may be called to ministry. As it turns out, I would take the scenic route to arrive where I am today…

After graduation, I went to work on a political campaign, hoping to use my gifts in the public sphere and eventually transitioned to fundraising for non-profits. I had marvelous opportunities to work for Habitat for Humanity and the public hospital system in Harris County. Through those jobs, I really felt like I was working as a part of the body of Christ to help make the world more like the Kingdom of God… but I continued to feel a tug toward serving the church.

I knew seminary was the next step, but I wasn’t sure about what kind of ministry would come after that so I was in constant conversation with God throughout my time at Perkins School of Theology. Instead of full disclosure (like I wanted!), God faithfully revealed to me each “next right step” along the way, the most
important of which was my internship at St. Luke’s. Though my husband Whitney and I had been members of St. Luke’s for many years, it was in this ministerial internship that I felt the Holy Spirit completely affirming my call to move from lay member to a pastor in the local church.

The opportunity to love and care for the visitors and members of St. Luke’s through hospital visits, Sunday school lessons, women’s ministry events, and more fills my heart with joy. I am grateful to have been appointed here and look forward to continuing to serve St. Luke’s.