Rolling River Adventures VBS 2018 is about to begin! We can’t wait.

As young children at St. Luke’s we learned VBS songs, acted out Bible stories, made crafts, and left with new friends. We always felt loved and secure at St. Luke’s. Still do!

Both of us have always loved young children and enjoy teaching. While Dr. Underwood and Dr. Moore were the senior ministers, we were elementary school teachers and volunteered to teach VBS for many years! After a while we noticed that the other teachers were getting younger and many were mothers of the children. We decided we were not needed. Years passed.

In 2016, Jacel Dickson saw the caring relationships we had on Facebook with many of our former students and she called us to ask about teaching her daughter, whom we already loved, kindergarten VBS. All it took was being asked. We said yes! It feels good to be needed.

Teaching VBS at St. Luke’s is amazing! Under Julie Ellerbrock’s leadership it is organized, fun, and so rewarding. We grow spiritually right along with our students. Seeing their eager faces each day just warms our hearts. Their knowledge of the Bible and their enthusiasm blows us away! Seeing them grow in their faith is so wonderful. An added bonus is the hugs we get each day!

Just like we experienced at VBS as children, we will all make new friends and grow in our faith. Remember as Dr. Pace says, “When children look at you they see the church.” They may not remember every Bible story or lesson but will remember the fun they had at VBS learning about Jesus and his love.

Just jump in!