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1805, 2018

Gratitude and Freedom, by Katy Byrd

My name is Katy Byrd, and I am a graduating senior this year. I am a third generation member of St. Luke’s, and could not be happier to have been born into such a loving community. I attended Sunday school throughout my childhood, and sang in the children’s […]

1105, 2018

Lovey Ministry, by Cindy Donaldson

My husband, Jake, and I, along with our three children, welcomed our newest addition, Elizabeth, to the family this spring. Shortly thereafter, we received a small package in the mail from St. Luke’s. The sweet gift inside was so touching – a soft, pink, silky lovey made just […]

2704, 2018

Come Grow With Us

A few years ago, my husband Eric and I made an on-going commitment to teach Sunday School for elementary aged children. The commitment was originally intended as a way to honor a St. Luke’s member who was very dear to our family. What originally started as a way […]

1904, 2018

Life-Changing, by Parker Davis

Hi, my name is Parker Davis and I’m a graduating senior this year. I have been a part of St. Luke’s Student Ministries since the beginning of 7th grade. Being a part of this ministry has shaped me into the person I am today, and I couldn’t thank […]

1304, 2018

Scouting: From Boys to Men, by Geoff Zimmerman

Personally, Scouting has had a profound effect on me, and I have watched as Scouting has influenced every boy that passes through our troop. As one of the oldest Scouts in the troop, I have the ability to step back and watch the development of boys into young […]

2303, 2018

Invictus: A Passion, by Sid Davis

I am not a believer in the notion of God “showing up.” Sometimes, when things go extraordinarily well, one can be tempted to attribute success to the attendance of the Almighty. Annie Dillard says, “Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least […]