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1309, 2018

Making the Move, By Gwen and Ken Ennis

We were scared and anxious. Would we be able to make any friends or enjoy fellowship at another church, in another city, in our 60’s no less?!  There were so many unknowns in our future life. We had decided to move to Houston from Memphis, Tennessee, where we […]

709, 2018

New Beginnings, by Jennifer Gould

I have such vivid memories from my childhood of the end of summer and preparing to go back to school. New school clothes, new shoes (just one pair—imagine that!), new school supplies, new classroom, new teacher, sometimes even a new school. I remember being so excited for that […]

3108, 2018

The Hijab and The Cross, by Anne Whitlock

In 2016, as the new founding director tasked with creating a connected community in Gulfton/Sharpstown with four non-profits – St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, KIPP Public Schools, YMCA and Legacy Community Health – I spent the first several months meeting everyone I could. But what I heard over […]

2408, 2018

A Bridge Across Faiths

Tina Melo left Houston in late August to watch the solar eclipse in Tennessee. That’s also where she watched Hurricane Harvey tear through Houston. Filled with survivor’s guilt, she returned to a damage-free home. She and her daughter signed up for a shift volunteering at St. Luke’s to […]

1708, 2018

Building Bridges, by Bob Eury

My wife always calls me “Bob the bridge builder” and I have never really thought much about it. Pursuing a profession or perhaps obsession for city building all my life (including building cities in my back yard as a kid—pity my poor parents) has been one of the […]

1008, 2018

Whatever Is Excellent, by Jennifer Boubel

Excellence. A word we hear often and maybe at times even become too casual with our use of it. Merriam Webster defines excellence as, “eminently good.” In every aspect of our lives there is the opportunity to focus on excellence. I think of my Mom who makes every […]