Excellence. A word we hear often and maybe at times even become too casual with our use of it. Merriam Webster defines excellence as, “eminently good.”

In every aspect of our lives there is the opportunity to focus on excellence. I think of my Mom who makes every person who walks into her home feel loved and welcomed. Of course, that happens with a warm hug and a listening ear. It also comes from the thoughtfulness in which she hosts a guest. Whether they pop in unexpectedly or she has been planning for their arrival for weeks, every detail is carried out to perfection and each person is treated in a way custom made for them. Her hospitality is a gift that shows the love of Jesus by how she intentionally puts others before herself and loves them where they are. The opportunity to see the impact of excellence in how we treat one another has influenced me and guides me in every setting. Whether we are a church opening our doors to the world or at home welcoming a guest, if we do so with excellence the world gets a glimpse of Jesus.

In my career, I had the privilege of working for an organization that recognized the brilliance of each individual focusing on that which is excellent in their scope of responsibility. At Continental Airlines, that focus was both internal in how we treated one another and external in how we treated our customers. Therefore, the company was recognized for being a great place to work. It truly was a family and a culture that was eminently good. As a result, the product that was delivered to the customer was held to the same expectation of excellence. The awards spoke for themselves and the lessons I learned as a leader will be with me for a lifetime.

My prayer is that whether it be at home, at work or anywhere in between I will focus on that which is good. That which is eminently good. That which is excellent.