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Welcome to Adult Ministries and Group Life

Living in Faith Together (LIFT) Groups

  • • Groups usually have 12-15 people who meet year-round for study, prayer and sharing.
  • • Each group selects their studies, makes their own schedule and chooses where to

Learning Communities

  • • Studies are limited in length. Some are short-term (8-12 weeks); some are long term
      (28-34 weeks).
  • • Many of the study groups form in the fall each year, but others are start at various times
      throughout the year.
  • • Studies focus on a wide variety of topics, including Bible studies, theological studies,
      Christian living and spiritual growth.

Sunday Morning Adult Classes

  • Find opportunities to enrich your Christian education, spiritual journey, and fellowship.
  • Invest in a Sunday morning class and discover Christian community that can last a lifetime.

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