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P.M. Pals is our “kids night out” program for families with children of special needs. Our program is offered free to church members and the community.

The children’s wing of St. Luke’s is transformed into a fun and creative place for special needs children, their siblings and volunteers to interact and play. Each child is paired with a volunteer “Pal” who stays with the child throughout the evening. Our program provides parents with the opportunity for a night out, giving them a chance to reconnect with each other and rest.

P.M. Pals is held on the second Friday of each month from 6:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. at St. Luke’s Westheimer campus.

To find out how your family can participate or volunteer, or call 713-402-5053.


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Don't take our word for it ...

“P.M. Pals is the perfect blend. Making special people feel ordinary, and ordinary people feel special.” B. Barta

“P.M. Pals is a way for me to serve families of St Luke’s and in the community by caring for God’s most precious creation – his children. While I can’t imagine the hard days these parents face, I know that they are not only deserving of, but in definite need of, a night of relief and respite. Four hours is such a small amount of time for me to give that will truly make an impact on their entire month.” M. Bayne

“P.M. Pals is always a welcome light at the end of a sometimes tough and long week. There is nothing more comforting than seeing both Garrett and Hannah’s faces light up when we tell them, ‘Tonight: P.M. Pals!’” G. & M. Groogan

“We see a twinkle in Andrew, Matthew and Luke’s eyes every time we mention the words P.M. Pals, and you all are a blessing to our family. Thank you.” A. and M. Gorena

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